Against All Will

Against All Will was formed in 2007 by Jimmy Allen, guitarist songwriter and former member of the American rock band, Puddle Of Mudd.

Jimmy Allen is an Award winning songwriter and co founding lead guitarist for the rock band Puddle of Mudd. Jimmy Allen’s song “Blurry” won ASCAP’s 2003 song of the year, ASCAP most preformed song of 2002, and the Billboard rock song of the year Award. He also won ASCAP’s 2004 most performed song of 2004 for “She Hates Me”.

The band was in need of a site that reflected their persona. Studio 7 put together a site to fit the band’s edgy rock sound. The site quickly brought the band to the top of search pages in several search engines allowing loyal and new fans to find their site and enjoy their sound. This site is no longer live so there is not a viewable link.


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